The Autism Project

Together with Autism South Africa, the Autism Project presented their first Pop Up Clinic at St Apollinaris Hospital in Ixopo in 2016. This clinic was powered by PFIRESTORM, who generously sponsored Autism South Africa. They make it possible for The Pop Up Clinic to deliver assessments, programmes and training to families and professionals.

The Autism Project, comprising of specialised Autism Practitioners, teamed with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, a Clinical Psychologist, and Zulu Translators who generously donated their time to this initiative. One of the four pillars of Business for the Project is that ‘WE GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY’. The sponsorship provided enables this team of passionate educators and health care professionals to share the skills they have with beautiful children who are desperate for intervention.

The goal is to join with a community in need of support and help. We thrive on providing resources and practical solutions for these families, which equip and empower them to help their children grow and develop. Visiting the facility twice, children are assessed and then specific Home Programmes are tailored for the staff and parents to use. On return, all children are re-assessed and their programmes are adjusted or added to, depending on the development that has taken place.

The team loved the opportunity to impact lives and provide support to families who desperately need a helping hand! Michelle, one of the Autism Practitioner’s says: “My absolute favorite moment was when our OT and I were doing feedback with a little girl’s Granny, and she asked her if she knew that her granddaughter could do all the things we had seen her do in her assessment, and the granny just shook her head and said she had no idea! I think it was like that with so many of the families and that gave them hope and motivation to provide more stimulation at home!”

Friends of Pfirestorm/Pfire, THANK YOU for sharing your resources, which have made it possible to positively affect change in the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Africa! We are so looking forward to heading back to St Apollinaris in November this year, to revisit the families there and follow-up on their progress!

Take a look at our video here