Company Overview

PfireConsult is a registered Independent Financial Services Provider (FSP 30256) in South Africa registration number 30256.

PfireConsult offers a wide range of services and solutions focused on providing personal financial and business services to its clients. Our business is based on establishing and sustaining long term relationships with our clients over generations. We have commissioned client collaborative technology which supports and facilitates growing our client relationships which bring us unique opportunities to continue to provide cost effective, professional services to clients in almost all market segments.

PfireConsult is a client centered practice focusing on a researched range of client needs. Our infrastructure, operations, fee models and technology are purposefully aligned to ensure that our clients are centre stage to everything we do. Our advisory and administrative services combine to provide our clients with flexibility of choice from pre-set bundles of services created to ensure that our clients have the freedom to determine their own priorities and goals. We are able to consistently deliver on our promise through the commitment of our clients to engage with us using some of the most advanced collaborative technologies available.

Value Proposition & Purpose

The purpose of our business is to create clients and to retain them. To do this, we need to offer exceptional, sustainable and economic services.

We do this through building relationships and we know no better way than to demonstrate how important this is by investing in the most innovative, collaborative and relationship driven technology available in South Africa. This technology, unlike anything else, ensures that both our staff and our clients live, eat and breathe in the same exact platform. We do not have systems that are for us but rather a single solution that ensures that our organisation’s employees and our clients are perfectly aligned. There is NOWHERE for us to hide and we are committed to being 100% transparent – 100% of the time.

Introducing IN TOUCH a new generation Information technology platform designed by our clients for our clients.

Businesses often TALK about customers being important and often the GAP between the customer and the organisation is so wide a DISCONNECT exists between the two.

At PFIRE, we have invested in an internet based platform that not only connects our clients to us but also helps drive our common purpose – that is to ensure a lifelong relationship with our clients through building relationships by remaining connected. By registering on IN TOUCH, our clients take centre-stage in the relationship. Once registered, our clients enjoy secure and confidential access to their own PRIVATE space. Every communication, plan, financial data or discussion is recorded in this private space for our clients to access anytime and from anywhere.

In addition, there is a range of features designed by our own clients to make life easier for all of us. For example, our clients can design their own simple Last Will and Testament, set their own priorities and activate their Pfire Advisor at their own discretion. No more unsolicited calls. Our clients control their own priorities and have a professional advisor at their side every step of the way.

Feel free to REGISTER on In Touch – No Obligation


  • Financial management
  • Risk Planning
  • Health Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Assurance


  • Product selection
  • Product implementation
  • Product administration
  • Product reviews, evolution and enhancement


  • Consulting and Retainer Services: –
  • Leadership skills
  • Decision making Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy, business plans, business continuity and succession.
  • Finance, cash flows and leverage
  • Marketing and sales including marketing planning
  • Human Resource Incentive and retention schemes, management and administration
  • Information System solutions and management
  • Operations management, policies, processes and procedures
  • Black Economic Empowerment practical strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Development:-
  • Bespoke Training and Development.
  • Individualised Mentorship Programs

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