Group Overview & Purpose

The Purpose of the PfireGroup is to create clients and to retain them for generations.

To this end, the PfireGroup provides a full suite of services to individuals and businesses alike. The PfireGroup offers its clients a unique suite of products and services that support individuals and business at all life stages and across all disciplines! Whether this is personal financial planning for a single individual or a technology solution for a global enterprise designed to drive our client’s business value propositions, our basket of professional services and products can be bundled to meet most all of our client’s needs.   This holistic service and product offering is championed by individual owner operators who have dedicate their lives, money and resources to bring unique talents, skills and qualifications to support its services and products ensuring sustainability and durability of its multifaceted and professional offering.

No organisation can provide a single solution to meet every need of its clients. However, we can bundle solutions together to meet all our client’s needs by leveraging our grouped service and product offerings and sourcing any service of product shortfall using our vast global network of professional associates.

Whether you are individual or organisation, we have some interesting solutions and offerings that will provide you with solutions that will satisfy your need for instant gratification and of course Value For Money – Our VFM sustainable relationship proposition!

Group Services

Our group services combine individual specialized offerings to give our clients the tools, expertise and network to not only grow their business but to sustain them for generations. We have branded groups of services to reflect the genre of services and products that standalone OR can be bundled to meet your personal or business needs.

We recognize that people and organisations do not operate in a vacuum and nor are they one dimensional. Each of us and our companies may operate within a specific sector but there is a common denominator for every organisation. Our Group Services are designed to meet these multi-disciplined management activities.

We offer the following specialised service bundles: –

  • Pfire In Touch
    A fee based professional personal and business consulting service across all business disciplines. Unique in ensuring that everyone has access. One man business to a multi-national one! We can serve you!

  • pfireConsult
    A very personal financial planning and business assurance service focussing on long-term relationships.

  • pfireSafe
    For all your accounting, bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax and Secretarial Needs.

  • pfireStorm
    Technology advice and CRM, Document management and Communications solutions.

  • pfireDigital
    Web design, hosting, digital marketing, Social Media Solutions, Software and application development, VOIP Solutions and more.

  • pfireLegal
    Need Legal advice or legal services. You name it, we have a solution and fee plan that will suite your pocket!

  • pfireAcademy
    Developing POPI Policies, HR and related Policy Manuals, On-line courses, hosting on-line material and related, we can help you.

  • pfireNet
    Our investment company supporting our Internal pfire Group of businesses and looking to support commercial enterprises through direct or social Investment.

  • pfireExplore
    Developing standalone operational tools (Excel, Word based) for businesses across all sectors providing economic solutions to big challenges.

  • pfireRisk
    Compliance and risk management solutions customised for your business.

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