pfireInTouch Company Overview

Officially Mike Lombard Financial Services t/a pfire, FSP Number 30256, was registered in 2007. Its primary business is Business Consulting and Personal Financial and estate planning. It is a Fee based organisation that uniquely bundles tailor made services to meet a client’s needs and pocket. As a branded member and partner within the pfireGroup of Companies, we are uniquely positioned to provide a range of professional services that serve to meet our clients’ holistic needs.

Our Group Value Added Proposition

Our unique services are supported by the pfire Group professional partners whose collective services, skills, advisors and support teams ensure our clients have instant access to professional, transparent and efficient support from one single relationship! The pfire Group.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We provide a range of business and personal financial services uniquely priced and bundled to meet our entrepreneurial clients personal and business needs. Through a journey of co-design, the connection between personal, business and family are aligned to uniquely meet both individual and/or business objectives.



  • Tailor made basket of services to meet your ever changing needs
  • Focussing on Problem Solving and implementing co-designed and measurable solutions
  • Across any or all disciplines such as: –
    • Strategy
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Information technology
  • Cost efficient and driven via agreed to and affordable Retainer fee model
  • Mentorships
  • Business Succession and Business Continuity
  • And more …


  • Product selection
  • Product implementation
  • Product administration
  • Product reviews, evolution and enhancement


  • Free Login and Registration to our unique Client Portal – connecting us 24/7 giving you 100% control and access to us at your leisure and instance!
  • Your own personal on-line portal with unique functionality – for example, being able to compile your own Will – and so much more
  • Access your information anytime and from anywhere! 
  • Update your information anytime and from anywhere!
  • You are in charge! Participate. 


  • Financial management
  • Risk Planning
  • Health Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Assurance

Support Services

With our extensive, branded and owner operatedprofessional partners, we can provide you with additional support services tomeet almost all your business or personal financial need – such as:

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Secretarial (See pfireSafe).
  • Technology advice and CRM, Document management and Communications solutions (See pfireStorm).
  • Web design, hosting, digital marketing, Social Media Solutions, Software and application development, VOIP Solutions and more (See pfireDigital).
  • Entrepreneurial Training and Development, Excel based standalone products and tools and Excel based Tool development (See pfireExplore)
  • Legal advice, legal services and Fiduciary Services (Wills, Estates and Trusts). (See pfireLegal).
  • Providing solutions to develop, build and/or host on-line education and e-commerce opportunities (See pfireAcademy)
  • Providing personal financial, estate planning and Business Consulting services (See pfireIntouch)
  • Providing specialised services to Financial Services Providers from Lichenising, compliance and key Individual services (See pfireRisk)
  • Provide business opportunities to generate passive ad hoc or active annuity income through our partnership programs (See pfireNet)
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