Company Overview

PfireStorm was established in 2007 and originated as a collaborative technology solution for those practicing in the financial planning services in South Africa. The complexities of ensuring sound practice administration, compliance and relationship management for financial service providers were addressed in the design and functionality of the innovative PfireStorm platform.

It quickly became clear that PfireStorm’s unique design, functionality and reliability offered compelling value to clients beyond the financial service industries. In recent years, the PfireStorm platform has expanded into retail, hospitality, manufacturing, consulting, and government and NGO sectors. The platform’s versatility ensures benefits for any organisation, from owner managed SME’s to multi-national corporations.

PfireStorm is a 100% South African owned company, focused on partnering with clients to ensure optimal efficiencies. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent product alongside exceptional customer service. 

Value Proposition & Purpose

PfireStorm’s purpose is to provide organisations with a technology service which can be tailored to their own unique and specific needs whilst making it a simple and user friendly experience.

Our vision is that PfireStorm is the technology partner of choice for organisations seeking collaborative technology that supports the creation and retention of relationships throughout their value chain. All innovation, development and progress enhances the experience and value proposition for all users of the platform.

The PfireStorm product and service suite effectively supports organisations to implement and leverage the platform within their own unique environments. Any organisation from any industry or sector is able to extract value from the PfireStorm products and services.

1. The PfireStorm Platform

The PfireStorm platform is an affordable, internet based service that enables businesses to interact with their existing and potential clients and stakeholders in a collaborative manner. By simultaneously addressing multiple business processes, Pfirestorm offers a single solution that drives and sustains all the components of best practice customer service, CRM and excellent corporate governance. 

PfireStorm Platform Key Design Characteristics:


  • Co-designed with clients to ensure client-centricity.


  • Created with business objectives in mind: designed to create and retain clients. 


  • Real-time information collected and allocated immediately.


  • Web-based portal, all communication components and generated reports fully branded to your businesses branding.


  • Unique platform features are fully integrated, allowing ease of use and delivery (CRM), along with communication and document management, which flows through one another seamlessly.


  • End-users are connected with each other, empowering your business with the ability to create forums and connect like-minded people within your own platform.


  • Single dashboard accessed by each authorized user to view every record, document, communication between your business and your client. This allows management of activity, risk, communications records, documentation storage, compliance (both internal and regulatory), processes and procedures.


  • Easy tracking and access, regardless of where an activity sits in the value chain, it is permanently recorded and automatically filed into the relevant party’s dashboard.


  • Completely customizable to accommodate all organisational structure types and needs.


  • Continuous improvements, upgrades and developments scheduled to meet the growing needs of our valued clients.


  • A tailored module specific for the Financial Services market. Created with particular profile functionality and information capture, such as assets and liabilities; assurance and investments; Medical Aid and Pension Funds
2. Standard Pfirestorm Support Services

Included in our standard license fee contract, we support our clients Monday to Friday during CAT working hours with the following:

  • Explanation of PRODUCT function
  • Assistance and guidance on how the functions operate
  • Assist in providing advice on the maintenance of the PRODUCT database and profile information
  • Attend to technical feedback on the PRODUCT function and suggestions.

We proactively:

  • Provide feedback of the PRODUCT Activity by users
  • Provide feedback on technical and functional development of the PRODUCT
  • Conduct service level feedback questionnaires to assist in maintaining service levels
  • Assist in identifying and introducing efficient use of the platform across all disciplines in line with the organisation’s Value Proposition.
3. Executive Support Services

In addition to the Standard Support Services, our clients may seek a more defined, focused, dedicated and bespoke support service. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Administration support to manage and update system functionality in respect of technical requirements
  • Consulting support in establishing the organisation’s value proposition and then developing operational processes and policies to deliver the Value Proposition from the ground up – from design, implementation and monitoring.
  • Generating bespoke business intelligence for organisation employment
  • Beyond this, the Executive Support Services is tailored to meet the clients exacting standards and specifications.
Our Packages

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